Another success story with one of our Long Island celebrity clients at MTN Matchmaking

Another exciting success story of one of our celebrity Long Island clients. He came to MTN Matchmaking like so many great quality, successful, handsome bachelors do – because he was busy with his career and kept wasting precious time meeting ladies on his own only to find out in a few months that they were not compatible to him or they were more interested in his money! Because of our thorough screening process, and yes we do not accept everyone, and our precise dating method which is based upon compatibility, he is now one of our success stories❤️

We do a criminal felony background check in every single state; all of our clients are great quality singles who are all emotionally and financially stable; and all of our clients are looking for a committed relationship! 

We also match up our clients using hand selected matches based upon three parts of compatibility! For a relationship to last the test of time, you must be compatible and have chemistry.

Our client base of 1750 clients are the best of the best singles on Long Island and in New York! 

We are not for people that can’t get their own dates, and we are not for everyone. There are many Internet dating sites and they do accept everyone.

If you are ready to find love, and wish to speed up the process of finding someone whom you are compatible with, and want the exposure to 1750 of the best singles that have passed our thorough screening process, then we are for you❤️

Call us for your free consultation and meet with me personally at 516-444-2861 or 631-577-7940❤️ Maureen Tara Nelson Matchmaker for 15 years and Dating Coach❤️

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With so many people single, why do long Islander’s need a matchmaker?

MTN Matchmaking, Long Island’s most prominent matchmaking service,
hears this same question every day. The answer is simple states Maureen Tara Nelson, owner and matchmaker/dating coach for 15 years, “people come to us because they are too busy to do the search on their own and realize it takes six months to find out if they are compatible to someone, whereas it takes us from day one.”
For more information on the services of MTN Matchmaking, call 516-444-2861 or 631-577-7940.


Last chance to RSVP to LI’s Singles Model Search

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Single ladies with both beauty and brains, you are cordially invited to attend the exciting Singles Model Search for Long Island’s most successful businessmen and celebrity caliber Single men looking for love. 

Hosted every year by Long Island’s Matchmaking firm, MTN Matchmaking, this year’s event will be the best year ever! Owner, Maureen Tara Nelson, who does not advertise her “celebrity program” strictly signs up these celebrity status men by referrals or word of mouth.

“The most interesting thing about these high caliber single men is that they are not looking for ladies also in the public eye, they are looking for ladies with brains and beauty,” states Maureen Tara Nelson.

The purpose of MTN Matchmaking’s Model search is to invite all the single ladies that men are usually too intimidated to approach, all down to their event to meet with MTN and her staff personally to see if they would be a good match for any of their men in this very private program.

The good news is ladies, there is still time to RSVP to this event which is being held tomorrow evening, Wednesday April 27, 2016 at the Carlyle on the Green from 7-9pm for a two hour event filled with fun. To RSVP simply text your full name to 516-444-2861. For VIP status, email your photo along with a short bio and why you would be a good match for a celebrity type man to

So what exactly can you expect from attending this mix and mingle singles event tomorrow evening? There is no charge for this event, a cash bar, special sponsors, and will be hosted by the ladies from the fabulous dating show, Date Night with Connie & Chrissy. Those that choose to be interviewed by these lovely hosts will be featured on their show airing on Friday evening! 

Will any of the “celebrity singles” be attending this event? This is the question asked most to Maureen Tara Nelson. Her answer is simple, “while most of our celebrity men do not feel comfortable giving up their privacy, some of our favorite high caliber men will be attending.” MTN adds, “the real purpose of this event every year is to meet with as many beautiful and intelligent ladies in the hopes that they do match up with one of our celebrity men. I know already exactly what they are all looking for. Hopefully these ladies will all be great candidates. I can assure all the ladies that attend this two hour event, will have a fun time.”

What can you expect from this Free Model Search event?

  • Mini interviews with the staff of MTN Matchmaking or Maureen Tara Nelson herself.
  • Complimentary Professional photos by Professional Photographer Neil Tandy.
  • Complimentary Styling advice from Daniel M.
  • Raffles provided by Erika Cole Salon.
  • Shopping for the most beautiful jewelry from Marlyn’s jewels Touchstone crystal.
  • Interviews on air with the talented dating hosts Connie & Chrissy from Date Night which might include being featured in their Date Night show airing Friday evening.














Are men looking for beauty or brains?

The results are in…The men at MTN Matchmaking are looking for brains over beauty 80%/20%.

“A pretty face can only get you so far. Whereas brains, is very sexy.”

“A woman who is beautiful inside, with brains, will always translate into beauty on the outside.”

“There are many women that are beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside. The inside always wins out.”

“Brains over beauty, every time.”
Here are just some of the thoughts that our great quality men shared with us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys. We at MTN Matchmaking survey our clients every quarter on a subject that most singles wonder about.

MTN Matchmaking has 1500 of the best of the best singles on Long Island.

For more information about meeting our quality singles, check out our website at or call us for more information at 516-444-2861 or 631-577-7940.

Maureen Tara Nelson

MTN Matchmaking searching for Long Island’s most beautiful and brightest singles for our bachelors in our celebrity program!

Long Island’s premier matchmaking service, MTN Matchmaking, has 1500 of the best of the best singles on Long Island. MTN’s owner, Maureen Tara Nelson, has been successfully matchmaking on Long Island for 15 years. They advertise having four different programs to fit the different needs of the great quality singles in their program. What most people don’t know about is their private high end program for celebrities living on Long Island and Manhattan.

“We do not advertise our celebrity program,” says Maureen Tara Nelson, “our celebrity program is very private and is marketed only through word-of-mouth and by referrals only.”

Every April, MTN Matchmaking hosts a private, social mixer, by invitation only, to singles that have been scouted out personally by Maureen Tara Nelson, her staff, and some very close colleagues that she trusts impeccably.

“This year we are looking for Long Island’s most beautiful and brightest single ladies. We are hosting a private mixer on Wednesday, April 27, 7 to 9 PM, at the beautiful Carlyle on the green in bethpage. This private event will include complementary on the spot interviews as well as professional photos by Long Island’s top photographer, Neil Tandy. There is no charge for this social mixer, but is by invite only, and attendees must present their personal invitation. In addition, there will be a cash bar, and some of our celebrities just might be there in person!”

Maureen Tara Nelson, known by MTN, is selecting Hendricks, Long Island’s top Night club as their primary source for scouting out the single ladies this Thursday evening, April 7. MTN and one of her top matchmakers in her Melville location, Kate, will be joining MTN and giving out personal invitations to attend the April 27 event.

What should you do if you would like to be considered in this special one-time complementary match with one of Long Island celebrity bachelors? If you cannot make Hendricks this Thursday evening, you can email your full length photo along with a short bio on why you would be perfect for a Long Island celebrity to

“Hendricks will be our first stop of many this Thursday evening in our search for the best of the best beautiful ladies for this special event,” states MTN.

Qualifications for the most beautiful and brightest single ladies are:

Single, ages 30-55, looking for a committed relationship, no felony record, no drug use, and emotionally stable.

“We are looking forward to meeting all of you ladies. Even if you’re not interested in being matched with a celebrity, please feel free to check out our website We always offer a complementary consultation and you will meet with me personally in my Melville office,” says MTN.

Maureen Tara Nelson

MTN Matchmaking’s NEW Wedding Blog

Maureen Tara Nelson

My Newest Celebrity Success Story

(I love this celebrity guy)…

Dear Maureen, I would like to thank you for everything you have done in pursuit of finding me a wife. From the beginning interview, coming to my office because you knew my concerns of keeping my personal life private, to offering me a program where my privacy was protected, and introducing me to many beautiful and intelligent ladies which I did not have the exposure to meeting on my own, and making sure each one was compatible to me and had my prerequisites that we had gone over in detail, for answering all of my questions and concerns during the dating process and Lastly, finding me the perfect girl whom I love with all my heart and who loves me.
This was the greatest six months of my life. Thank you so much for your professionalism and for delivering even more than I had ever expected. Not only did you do all this and made it look easy, which I know it wasn’t, but at a fraction of the cost of the matchmakers in Manhattan that I checked out before seeing you. Thank you. T.”

You do not have to be a celebrity to join my service. The requirements for both men and women are: pass a felony background check, be a nice, decent quality person, be emotionally and financially stable, and looking for a committed relationship! Call 516-444-2861 or 631-577-7940 for more information.