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The 3 Most Common, Uncomfortable Questions to Ask When Dating Someone

What Do You Do When You Dislike their Cologne?

1. Do not be afraid to tell him what your favorite cologne is. You can mention a few other brands and see if he gets the hint!

2. If that first strategy does not work, then just be honest! Let him know you are not a fan of his cologne. Make sure to say it in a flirty and sweet way.

When the Woman Makes More Money than the Man

1. If you are equal in every other way, then do not let this ruin something great! If you are compatible and have chemistry, does it really matter?

2. If he is bringing so many great qualities to the table, you do not need to worry about this at all!

How Do You Ask a Guy if He Can Shave Down there?

1. Tell him how sexy you find it when guys shave. Remember, say this in a cute and flirty way! He is going to want to please you!

2. Guys- Please shave down there! Most ladies prefer it. Less is more!

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5 Reasons Why Girls Love Guys Who Love Football!!

1. HOT

Any guy who wears a jersey and loves football is automatically hot in our eyes!

2. Athletic

Many football lovers have played the sport as well which we find so sexy. Any athlete is a plus in our book.

3. Competitive

Watching our man show his competitive edge while watching the game is a huge turn on.

4. Fun!

If you’re into football and love those “football Sundays” then you’re definitely fun and love to have a good time. We want to be with someone who can work hard but play hard as well! And if you also go to football games, that is super exciting for us!

5. As an added bonus, we get to eat nachos and wings in front of you!

Hey, if we have an opportunity to eat these while STILL looking cute in your eyes, we will be in heaven!

Call us at 1-888-31MATCH to hear more about our Annual Football Promotion for all you single football lovers!! This football special is 2 for 1!!! Every guy who took part in this 2 for 1 special last year is currently on hold with someone they met! Why is that? Because like we mentioned in the beginning, guys that love football, we ladies think you’re HOT!

So, call us today to set up your free consultation with us and do not forget to bring your single friend! This 2 for 1 deal will only last for a limited time so don’t miss out!

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5 Ways to Know for Sure that You’re Meeting a Real Matchmaker By Maureen Tara Nelson

How Long Have they Been in the Matchmaking Business?

I’ve been a matchmaker in the Matchmaking industry for over 16 years! I have owned my own Matchmaking business for over 11 years.

2. Do You Meet them in their Office? How Long Have they Been in the Same Office?

Some fly by night companies meet you in a coffee place because they do not have the money or the overhead for an actual office. That’s a big red flag!!!

I have a NYC office as well as a Melville, Long Island office. Melville is our main office and I’ve had the same office for the past 11+ years. You will meet with me, the owner, personally for a FREE consultation.

3. Success rate? Should be Proof in the Office (Testimonials)

I have over 1000 success stories-which I stopped counting after the 1000 mark. And yes, you will see many of the pictures and thank you cards when you come into our office. My success in Matchmaking is due to the fact that it is my passion and my life!

4. How Do they Match? Does a Computer Program do the Work?

The most popular computer program for Matchmakers is called dating pro, and most matchmakers use it…Ask them! If so, you are literally paying a fortune for a computer to do the work just like internet sites do at a fraction of the cost. Or does the matchmaker do the matching?

I personally match all of my clients by using my private system of hand selected matches, which leads to “precise dating.” It obviously works hence my 1000+ success stories.

5. What is the Matchmaking Based Upon? (or do they just send you anyone? Or is it based upon a system?)

I use my personal system that I came up with from my 16+ years of being in the matchmaking industry as well as previously being a pharmaceutical representative. I match my 2000+ clients based upon 3 parts of compatibility. How do I do that? You’ll find out on your complimentary consultation with me personally

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Long Island Beauty Ball for Cancer Care October 30, 2017 from 6PM-10PM at Crest Hollow Country Club

Crest Hollow Country Club, 8325 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797

Why you shouldn’t miss the Long Island Beauty Ball!

  1. This showcase event will feature the health, wellness and beauty industries coming together to educate and elevate cancer care in New York.
  2. Meet new people and enjoy the food stations, open bar, beer & wine garden.
  3. The Long Island beauty Ball is a great opportunity to meet likeminded individuals, you are not alone! Building a support system can not only give you strength, but others around you as well.
  4. Spa Experiences, VIP Lounge Area, DJ & Entertainment, Pop Up Boutiques, Demonstrations, Swag Bag, Raffles, Photo Booths, Make-Up & Make-Overs, and a Fashion Show.
  5. In addition: Psychic Readings, Nurses Salute, Halloween Hair + Makeup Show

Eat, Drink, Dance + Network for a cause that makes a real difference

You can purchase tickets at

Stop by our MTN Matchmaking booth to receive a free gift!

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5 Dangers & Concerns of Online Dating that You Need to Know!

1. Requirements are Always Asked for, but Never Used!

When creating your profile, they will always ask for certain requirements such as age and location range. When looking at most of your matches, 99% of them are not in your age range nor are they even located in New York! My newest client unfortunately experienced this a week before she signed up here! Why ask for requirements when they will not be used? While it is very important to have an open mind here at MTN Matchmaking Inc, it is just as important that we listen to our clients when it comes to what they are seeking in a partner. When being a part of this exclusive program, it is essential that you always remember, we are a team through this amazing journey of finding love!

2. Very Poor Quality Photos!

This is a typical problem when it comes to all dating sites! Not only do you have the option to add low quality photos, but you are also at liberty to not even add a photo if you do not want to. To me, this is not beneficial at all. Why should you talk to anyone if they are not even willing to add a photo of themselves? Here at MTN Matchmaking Inc. all photos are accurate and up to date. We want your process here to be efficient and successful with a clear understanding of who you will be meeting!

3. Are You Looking for a Committed Relationship?

Since there is no screening process on these sites, you will never know what your match’s intentions are. We hold a very unique screening process here at MTN Matchmaking Inc. Your match will always be financially and emotionally stable, seeking a committed relationship, and of course, must have a clear background check! Safety is our number one priority, as well as being compatible to one another. All requirements must always be met to be considered for our exclusive program. This screening process is the beginning of our success stories here at MTN Matchmaking Inc.!

4. Waste of My Time!

Within your first few nights of joining internet dating, you will always have an overwhelming amount of notifications and messages! After a long day of work, the last thing you will want to see is either matches that do not fit your requirements, or messages that are so disturbing you wish you never opened them! Time after time, many people begin to feel emotionally and mentally exhausted from this process. It’s too much work with hardly any positive outcomes! At MTN Matchmaking Inc, not only do we do all the work for you but we will take care of you as well. Your job is to just say yes or no! In our elite program, we only accept the most eligible and respectful singles out there! Our program is a refreshing change from the outside dating world!

5. Have the Fear of “Ghosting”?

When it comes to dating, being “ghosted” is the most frustrating experience to go through! Have you ever invested your time in getting to know someone and then out of nowhere, they vanished?? Well, you can expect that a lot when it comes to internet dating! At MTN Matchmaking Inc. we will never tolerate that kind of behavior or action. You will always be “in the know”, so you will never have to wonder what happened. We offer a variety of packages in which some options you will have dating coaching. As your dating coach, we are here to answer any questions you may have when it comes to dating and relationships! “What happened?” will never go through your mind again!

Call us at 1-888-31MATCH to sign up for a free consultation! The Fall season is the perfect time for a fresh start and new beginnings. Let MTN Matchmaking Inc. help you on this amazing journey!

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How Old is too Old for a Successful Relationship? (5 Tips) by Maureen Tara Nelson

Age is just a number and shouldn’t be an issue because we girls always mature faster! It can be a successful relationship as long as they fit these 5 rules of thumb…

  1. Do You Share Similar Interests?
    As long as there are no generation gap issues you are fine! Sharing similar interests to the person you care about means you are compatible and that is the most important aspect of a successful relationship. If you are compatible, you only need to see if chemistry will develop.
  2. Is Your Significant Other Young at Heart?
    Make sure he does not look old enough to be your father! Your partner being young at heart will only maintain excitement within your relationship. If he has energy like yourself, you will not even notice an age difference!
  3. They Must Be Healthy!
    Of course you want them to be healthy for obvious reasons! If he is as healthy as you are, his age should not even be a factor. I have matched hundreds of successful couples where both did not make age a factor and they are happily married to this day.
  4. Are they on the Same Activity Level as You?
    I know many women who like to play tennis on Sunday mornings, as an example. If you are one of them and your man can get on the court with you and keep up with you, then his age should not matter!
  5. You Must Be Sexually Compatible!
    Guys, as long as you can perform and keep up with your lady in bed, then you will be a great match! And ladies, as long as he is satisfying you in that department, isn’t that more important than his age?

Here at MTN Matchmaking Inc. our matches are always based on compatibility in three different ways. If you are in love and are sexually compatible, you certainly will have chemistry and you need both for a successful relationship!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Join Us at the US Open this Thursday 9/7/17 at 7PM!

  1. Women’s Semi-Finals in the Arthur Ashe Stadium.
    People travel all over the world to take part in this amazing experience – The US Open. You will see the best of the best professional tennis players under the lights.
  2. Free Matchmaking and Dating Coaching!
    Mingle with the staff at MTN Matchmaking and other singles while receiving free matchmaking and dating advice all while watching the Women’s Semifinals!
  3. The experience is Priceless.
    There are an endless amount of bars and matches to watch all throughout the night! We will all be together during this fun and exciting experience!
  4. Opportunity to Meet Other Singles!
    You are going to have so much fun meeting new people, making new friends, and maybe even finding a love connection, at this world wide event!
  5. The Best Prices from our friends at A1 VIP Entertainment!
    Great price tickets from! Brendan Nelson 516-355-8767.

Contact us today BEFORE 5PM at 1-888-31MATCH to reserve your seat and to purchase your ticket for our Singles Event at The US Open this Thursday at 7 pm. This annual event is always a big hit with MTN Matchmaking!


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5 Benefits of Joining MTN Matchmaking

5 Benefits of Joining MTN Matchmaking

  1. Dating Coaching
    Wouldn’t you love to be in the know when it comes to dating? Dating coaches are there to answer any questions you could possibly have and are there to help you with any dating challenges you may be facing. You will never have to wonder again how the other person thinks about you. We are the neutral third-party and you will always know how the other person feels.
  2. Hand Selected Photos
    Ever look on tinder and think to yourself “which one is she? There are ten girls in this photo” or when meeting that person for the first time, you end up realizing the photos you saw were from 5+ years ago? You will never be put in that situation at MTN Matchmaking Inc. We use only current photos when becoming a member. We want our clients to have a clear understanding of who they will be meeting!
  3. Compatibility
    Your match will be compatible to you in three different ways. This private matchmaking system is done by using hand selected matches by Maureen Tara Nelson personally. Your matches are not made by a computer system, they are made by Maureen’s secret method which has a proven track record of success of over 1000 success stories!
  4. Personalized Service
    At MTN Matchmaking, our main goal is to find the perfect person for you. We are here to help you through this exciting journey. If you ever need anything, have any questions or concerns you can of course call into the office and we will be here to help you. We know all of our clients very well and we have a clear understanding of what they are looking for. We want to make you successful, and with our great team of dating experts, we know how to make you successful in this most important area of your life.
  5. Multiple, Affordable Programs
    One of the biggest questions is always “HOW much is this?” We offer a variety of different packages for clients to choose from. Now remember, we are here to help you find the love of your life, which when that happens, it will be invaluable to you!
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The MTN Matchmaking Wellness Program

MTN Matchmaking is excited to introduce our NEW! Wellness Program, where we encourage you to join our training session with James! Maureen, Lisa (MTN Marketing Strategist), and an assorted amount of Maureen’s friends will be joined by the trainer James for a Bootcamp Workout Session. You will be working on your core, be pushed passed your limits, and feel revitalized with your newfound strength. At MTN, we always encourage a healthy lifestyle filled with good choices, like eating well, fitness, and mental health assistance. Achieving a good overall wellness is our mission; we hope that this is the start that will push you in the right direction towards a new healthy life!

“Clubs that have a strong group exercise component have a much higher retention rate than those that don’t,” says industry consultant Casey Conrad. “The statistics that have been coming in over the past couple of years are absolutely compelling (athleticbusiness).” Group workouts, work. They add a social aspect to your fitness that compels you to go back. That’s why there are TVs in gyms… so you don’t get bored. Call MTN Matchmaking today (1-888-31MATCH) to restart your life!