Happy Valentine’s Day singles… Enjoy 20% off any of our matchmaking programs as our gift to you!

To show our appreciation to the overwhelming response to our 20% off Valentine’s Special, we are extending it throughout the entire month of February. 

Call for more information on how our services will make your search to find the right one much easier and save you time and money by doing the entire screening process and precise dating for you.

Never thought of going to a professional matchmaking service before? Not to worry, that is why MTN Matchmaking  still offers after 16 years of matchmaking a free and private consultation with the owner Maureen Tara Nelson personally and privately in our Melville, Long Island office.

Professional matchmaking has become the ideal choice for busy and successful singles to be able to raise the bar when it comes to meeting other quality singles.

“Our successful, professional clients do not have the time to waste trying to meet someone using Internet dating sites, nor do they want their photos shown to everyone on dating sites. Internet dating is a thing of the past due to the magnitude of deception and the fact that there is no screening process whatsoever” states Maureen Tara Nelson. 

Although matchmaking has been around for  centuries, the new era of singles searching for only the best and brightest singles has become the new trend in finding other like minded, compatible singles.

If you live on Long Island, give MTN Matchmaking a call at 631-577-7940 and schedule your free consultation in February to take advantage of this fabulous Valentine’s offer. With having over 1000 success stories, the odds are in your favor that if you are taken on as a client, Maureen Tara Nelson feels that she can make you successful!

Happy Valentine’s Day Singles ❤️

MTN Matchmaking’s New Year’s resolution

As the owner of MTN Matchmaking I meet with every client in my Long Island office personally, do all the matching based upon hand selected matches which typically takes at least 12 hours on Mondays, then Tuesdays I email out all the compatible matches typically with the help of my office manager. Without the help, it typically takes from 8 AM till at the very least midnight if I do it all myself. 
I absolutely Love my career and I love the fact that each and every match I am sending out could be a couple that will go on hold with each other after they’ve had only three dates/due to my precise dating based upon three parts of compatibility and everyone’s five must-have’s being met. 
In about six months many of these clients will be getting engaged and about a year from now some of them will be getting married.
There is absolutely no greater feeling for me then finding love for my 2000+ clients. That is why I do it this way, when there are obviously quicker ways of matching people by having a computer do all the work. But to me, that is just the same as Internet dating with a crazy price tag. This precise dating method that I personally developed, is very accurate and 95% of my clients not only appreciate what I do, but thank me personally for matching them. Again, the greatest feeling in the world-and I am truly blessed to enjoy helping people find love as much as I do.
Sometimes in a business such as mine, especially since I am the only professional matchmaker on Long Island that meets with all of her LI clients personally, has over 16 years experience, has over 1000 success stories, has the stability of having my own same office for over 11 years (only a bigger one now) that you will come to for your free consultation, and we will sit together for about an hour and go over everything you are looking for… sometimes you only hear about the 5% of people that I was unable to make successful. My successful couples like to keep their privacy and typically do not tell the world they met through my matchmaking service. 
But I am going to ask everyone I’ve made successful to please tell your friends that are single how you met through MTN Matchmaking and let’s get rid of the stigma that still exists when coming to a matchmaking service. Because the reality is, for the past 10 years, successful, attractive, commitment minded, busy singles come to my service because they want to raise the bar and not deal with any of the games that they find with Internet dating sites and the club scenes. 
What does it take to be in the category of 95% of my clients that love my service and appreciate it, which obviously makes them successful quicker? 
*Being patient, because this is not a quick fix, it takes time to find the right person you have both chemistry with and who you are compatible to.

*Being positive, because negativity only breeds negative results and it is impossible to make a person successful if they only put out negative energy. My most positive clients are always my quickest success stories.

*Being realistic, and realizing that no one is perfect and you need to give 90% of your matches a chance. Chemistry does grow if you are compatible to a person and many times you do not have instant chemistry for many different reasons.

*Taking my advice, because I will never steer my clients wrong. I only feel successful with a client if I can make them successful.
I wish I could make everyone of my clients successful. I wish I could have 100% of my clients feel the way that 95% of my clients do. 
My New Year’s resolution in 2017 is my goal to have 100% of my clients happily dating and enjoying the process! Some say it is impossible… I’ve been told no matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone… I’ve been shown statistics that 80% of clients in a service business is great because there are always going to be 20% of people that complain about everything… and many other statistics that make my goal seem impossible. 
I thank all my amazing clients for making me love what I do every single day. 
For the 5% of clients that always seem unhappy no matter how hard I work for them, I ask you to work with me and let’s start over and please be positive, patient, realistic about your goals and trust in me so that together we can be a team to make the future of finding love with MTN Matchmaking a reality! 
We can do this!!! ❤️

2017 Valentine’s Day

img_01662017 is the year to find your love through MTN Matchmaking, without swiping! Our services include:

-Free Consultation

-16 years of experience with hand selected matches and 2000+ clients

-Offices in Melville and Manhattan!

-Personal dating coaching and 4 exclusive programs

-Meet with the owner personally

-1000 success stories

**This Valentine’s there is a 20% off. It’s the perfect time to join!

With our thorough screening process, showing photos, and having some of the most successful, most intelligent and beautiful clients–you make the call and we do everything else!




Matchmaking on Long Island-my personal experience with meeting with MTN Matchmaking!

I personally chose the services of MTN Matchmaking in Melville Long Island because I got the opportunity to meet with the owner, Maureen Tara Nelson, personally and privately in her office.

Sounds like a basic task right? Not when you been trying to meet someone for the past six months and was told by one company they are Long Island best singles matchmaking service, only to find out they were calling me from a different state and wanted to interview me over the phone. When I asked them why they did that, they didn’t have an answer.

Then I tried another service that claims to be a matchmaker on Long Island in addition to having events which I would have no interest in, and had to meet the person in a coffee place. Although it was really cheap and obviously I could afford 100 bucks, it put me off that I wasn’t in an actual office. Then it dawned on me anyone could afford that and that was just the same to me as doing the Internet which was the worst experience of my life, but that’s another story.

Just when I was about to give up and have to go to a Manhattan service, my colleague told me he was planning on getting engaged this Valentine’s Day. My first thought was that I was just as good looking as this guy; We work at the same company so I know we made about the same income. So naturally I had to ask him where he met her? His answer surprised me when he said, Long Island’s matchmaker, Maureen Tara Nelson.

What? Where? How do I not know about this matchmaker? My colleague quickly put me in this place that I must be living under a rock, because MTN Matchmaking has had the same office in Melville for 16 years and the owner of the company meets with her clients personally in her office.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Well I went to visit this Long Island’s matchmaker, Maureen Tara Nelson this passed Saturday morning, in her beautiful Melville office and she greeted me with a smile and even coffee! 

I have to say it takes a lot to impress me, but when you come in for your free consultation you will see all the awards she has won and many articles written about her right there on the wall in her office. My first question to her was if she was successful at matchmaking? She looked at me with a very inquisitive look and confidently told me she has over 1000 success stories. Now I was even more confused that I never heard of her before. My next logical question was how many clients she had on Long Island? I was waiting for the typical sales person answer that I received from the company over the phone that it only takes One, but she surprised me by saying over 2000. 

What she did next really surprised me as she stood up and looked as if she was going to walk me to the door. For a very sweet woman, for a second I thought I offended her and was embarrassed by my question. She walked over to a big bulletin board of pictures of happy clients and letters from them that filled the board. With a big smile on her face she told me to take a minute and read them. I was quite relieved and told her that it would not be necessary, that I could see them from where I was sitting. While keeping the same sweet smile on her face, she told me to get up and actually go look at them and read them. So I did.

After I signed up and she walked me to the door, I thanked her for her professionalism. She leaned over and hugged me which took me back a bit-in a good way. I had to ask her again being so impressed with meeting her, why did she think that it took me so long to find her services? This time she was more blunt and came right out and told me that she does not solicit business, she doesn’t pay for search engine ads as other companies do and she relies mostly on word-of-mouth and social media that she personally does herself, (which I am not on Facebook or Instagram etc.) Then she explained that most of her success stories like to keep the privacy of where they meet! I told her that’s got to suck that after she works so hard on couples and makes them successful that they don’t tell everyone they know they met through her matchmaking service. She reminded me that some do, just like my colleague and I realized, that I’m glad he did and I owe him one.

Then I pulled a “Colombo” on her and as she turned to walk away I asked her if I could ask her one more thing… at this point I knew I had to be annoying her but she still smiled and said yes. I asked her if anyone else was coming in for appointments on this sunny yet cold Saturday, and I was surprised to hear that I was her fourth and final appointment for the day. Before I could say anything else she offered up the information that she signed up a great, handsome guy in sales that she found so interesting they talked for over two hours, a beautiful and smart girl who impressed her very much, and another beautiful girl who was so funny that they laughed the entire time.

I couldn’t resist and I asked her how she was going to think of me when describing me to women? She said while crossing her arms and standing firm, that I was the handsome, skeptical guy with a million questions. We both laughed and I have to say what a great experience this was for Me meeting with, Long Island’s matchmaker, Maureen Tara Nelson.

Single in New York City? Try MTN Matchmaking Manhattan for Valentine’s Day❤️


If you are single and are looking for a committed relationship, I am the owner of MTN Matchmaking which is Long Island’s #1 matchmaking service with offices in Melville, Manhattan and soon to be Florida. With 16 years experience and over 1000 success stories, if you are a great quality person who is emotionally and financially stable, you will love our program with 2000+ clients.

I will be personally taking appointments in my Manhattan office on Friday, February 3!!! We are Manhattan’s most affordable matchmaking Service along with providing top-notch service, hand selected matches, a thorough screening process, and a free consultation.

If you would like to meet with me personally on February third for your free consultation, give us a call at 631-577-7940! We have four different Valentine’s Day specials to make this your best
Valentine’s Day ever.

Call us today as we only have a few appointment openings left❤️


Quality professional matchmaking does not have to cost a fortune. Just ask Maureen Tara Nelson, owner of MTN Matchmaking Inc.

Don’t worry singles, you do not have to spend a fortune to find love if you live on Long Island and Manhattan… At MTN Matchmaking we thoroughly screen our upscale singles to make sure everyone is emotionally and financially stable and looking for a committed relationship as well as conducting a felony background check nationwide; at a fraction of the cost. Why? With over 16 years experience and over 1000 success stories, owner Maureen Tara Nelson defines matchmaking as her calling in life to help singles find the right person that they are compatible with and have chemistry with. With private and personal free consultations with the owner herself, and hand selected matches based upon compatibility, you are in good hands and do not have to break your bank account. Quality matchmaking, by someone who is in this business to truly help people find love. We look forward to speaking to you! Call for your free consultation with Maureen Tara Nelson personally at 1888 31 match, 516-444-2861 and 631-577-7940. Check out our website at MTNMatchmaking.com

Enter to WIN a FREE Membership!

Call for a free consultation in order to learn about our new features at MTN Matchmaking! 1888-31-match (62824)

Enter to win our monthly singles contest; each month MTN Matchmaking will select a winner from the pool of entries.

What to do:

  1. Email us your photo: maureen@mtnmatchmaking.com
  2.  with…Why you should be the recipient of a free month membership and what you can offer our 2000+ clients

Selection criteria: winners will be selected each month based upon the age (all ages) and demographics, as needed, that MTN Matchmaking needs most that month for her 2000+ clients.

Monthly winners will be selected on the last day of the month and the winner will be selected on the 1st day of each month posted on Instagram, FB, and Twitter. Winners must be open to being featured as our monthly winner on social media.

January’s winner is our very own….

Maureen Tara Nelson!
Marital status divorced

Lives in Melville

Has two children, both away at college

Business owner, MTN Matchmaking

Is Family oriented, positive, good sense of humor, loving and successful

Looking for The same in my partner

What most people don’t know about you… I am shy


Congratulations and Good Luck!






































































































































Valentine’s Day is everyday at MTN Matchmaking!


This year we are initiating the best Valentine’s Day singles event for our 2000+ clients at MTN Matchmaking, as well as our future clients.

We want you to tell us what you want!!! What is your choice for our special Valentine’s Day event? Would you like a large party where we invite everyone we know that is Single and you invite as many guests as possible? Or would you prefer a more intimate setting like a sit down dinner that would include prizes and raffle’s and games?

Let us know all of your ideas and email them to maureen@mtnmatchmaking.com


MTN Matchmaking & Music Streaming


Recently the music streaming service, Spotify, has been matching their listeners with singles for Valentine’s Day. MTN Matchmaking on the other hand has always considered the interests of clients, including music, into the intricate selection of their matches. It’s great to see other businesses venturing into the industry, but the service provides no other variables into the selection of their match; our service includes Maureen Tara Nelson’s hand selected matches based on the qualities of the client, their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs.

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